Jingle Bells, jingle bells! Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming and we must be prepared to celebrate in style. For this occasion I have put some of the most wanted red statement clothes and accessories in my shopping basket. As we all know, a soft silky red fabric is the king of the winter season. 

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Red is one of the primary colors on the color wheel along with yellow and blue, and is the color of fire, commonly associated with love, passion and action. Most chosen by extroverts, red is a very meaningful and emotionally strong color.  

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A bit of history: red was used to color statues as well as the skin of gladiators. Red was the color associated with the armies; Roman soldiers wore red tunics as part of their uniform. In the Catholic religion red is the color of the cardinals.  

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Color matters and it shows your personality and your mood. And don’t forget: “There is a shade of red for every woman” (Audrey Hepburn).  

In conclusion, if you have something to express and you want to be noticed, wear red and all eyes will be on you. 


Titel picture: afmu.net