Personal shopping - ($ 65 per hour; minimum 2 hours)

Do you want to be 100 % sure what clothes suit you best and what to purchase?

I consider your individual requirements, body, style and budget.All items will be pre-selected in the appropriate stores based on your desires, size and wallet. During the entire shopping session I share styling tips with you, take picture of the looks and tell you how to import the new pieces into your current wardrobe. This is the best way to shop stress-free, especially if you having a special occasion coming up soon.

Wardrope consultation - ($ 175; 3 hour consultation)

Find the perfect wardrobe for your personality and the way you want to live. The private consultation takes place in your home. You don’t have to get rid of all your clothes to update your style, I will show you how to create new outfits from your existing wardrobe. And I will make a list with what is missing for you to create the perfect looks in the future. You deserve to feel awesome in what you wear - no matter what size, silhouette, job, lifestyle or money.

Shopping packages - (rates on request)

This is the best option for you if you need a shopping company or a wardrobe consultation on a regular basis. Just bundle your shopping sessions for different topics and specify it to have a better focus on your purchases. For example, one session concentrates on work, one on weekends or on shoes and accessories. It makes your shopping experience much more easy and enjoyable. The more packages you buy, the more you save.

Fery packs for you - ($ 125; 3 hour consultation)

Are you going away, but you don´t want to stress with the whole packing? No worries, I will visit you at home and take the stress away. I pack your bags with everything you need for your trip. Additionally I match outfits meeting your style and take pictures of them for your personal travel-book.

Fery shops for you - (Commission-based service)

You love that one shop or brand so much, but it doesn´t exist in your city? Contact me today and I will go and shop the piece(s)you are looking for. I ship the purchase directly to your address. The commission includes the price for the item(s) + shipping costs + % personal shopping fee.

Fery shows you around the city - (3 hours customised tour; add on lunch + cocktails)

Visiting London? Travelling with friends? You want to go shopping? Plan a customised tour with me and I show you around the shops, which meet your desire and budget. London has a lot to offer and I will visit with you the most popular areas, trending boutiques and shops considering your requirements. Get to know London´s fashion culture. If your itinerary allows, you can add lunch or cocktails and I will show you the best foodie hotspots. Contact me to build your individual tour and to discuss rates.

Fery rescues - ($ 125, 2 hour rescue)

If you coming home from a long shopping session, but feeling overstrained with your closet. I visit you at home, give you styling tips and support you in what to combine and creating new looks. Together we will make your new stuff work with your wardrobe and vary outfits for the future.

Shop with Fery bundles starting from $ 175:

You can combine the different Fery-bundles to meet your individual needs.

  • Wardrope consultation + 2 hours Personal shopping
  • Wardrope consultation + 2 hours Personal shopping + Fery rescues
  • Wardrope consultation + 4 hours Personal shopping
  • Wardrope consultation + 4 hours Personal shopping + Fery rescues


* Please note: All the services and rates are assumed to take place within the London area. I am more than happy to travel out of the city to help you with your shopping needs, contact me for fees.